Premier Attic Insulation & Specialty Services

Premier Attic Insulation & Specialty Services is a locally owned and operated company, proudly serving families and businesses in the Santa Clarita area of Moorpark, Castaic, Newhall, Saugus, San Fernando, Valencia and Sylmar, California. We Specialize in Spray Foam Insulation, Blown-In Insulation, Fiberglass Insulation and complete Attic Cleanup. At Premier Attic Insulation & Specialty Services, we realize that there are multiple approaches to every job. We have the ability to analyze the situation and suggest the right type of insulation to best suit your needs. We are licensed and insured and take pride in our work and customer service.

We strive to always exceed the expectations of ourselves and our customers. Our insulation services not only help the environment; allowing you to use less energy, but this also saves you money as well! And did you know if an uninsulated house were to catch fire, it would most likely burn down 5-10 times faster than a house that is insulated? This is because fire needs oxygen to breathe. An insulated wall has little or no oxygen which dramatically slows the spread of fire and could be the difference between life and death. Uninsulated walls and attics are also open cavities for insects and small rodents to nest in. Our attic clean up service completely removes the old, moist, moldy insulation that is a perfect breeding ground for many pests and installs brand new, clean, fresh insulation. Call Premier Attic Insulation & Specialty Services and start benefitting today!

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